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Resale Rights Guide

The Resale Rights Guide

Would you hire a business coach or mentor who had in-depth knowledge of resale rights?


A coach who knows the inner sanctum of resale rights and has actually been part of that “cult” would be manna from heaven. You believe it’s time to get a slice of the action that’s gotten internet marketers into a tizzy, and you’re convinced that resale rights will be the next wave of the future. But let’s face it: how many business coaches really grasp the essentials of resale rights? Not many. It’s relatively new to most mortals, even if it’s been brewing since the early 90s.

So if you can’t hire a coach to preach to you about resale rights, what’s the alternative? You guessed right, you need to do some research, perhaps even purchase an eBook or two.

While I can't write a book or eBook on the matter of resale rights for this article, I can offer you some advice on the many forms and what to look out for.

Types of Resale Rights

Readers must be warned that while resale rights are the latest craze these days, ill-informed marketers could get into hot water. Our advice: when in doubt, seek legal advice especially if you intend to do a full launch and all-out marketing online blitz for several digital products. Be aware too that there may be e-commerce laws that apply to your products.

Here’s a rundown of the different resale rights:

Basic Resale Rights
You’ve just bought a digital product – say an e-book – from someone. You have the right to resell the e-book to your customer, but your customer cannot resell it to another. You keep 100% of the profit each time you resell the product. Resale rights allow you to resell a product in either its physical or digital form. If it is a digital product, you get to pocket 100% of the profits and still enjoy the product, because digital products can usually be duplicated.

Master Resale Rights (Master Resell Rights)
Master resale rights enable you to resell the product to your customers along with the basic resell rights that come with it. Your customer in turn can also resell the product to their own customers. Master Resale Rights can be sold with the product or sold separately.

Private Label Rights (PLR)
We like to call these rights the rights of “substance.” Private label rights (PLR) allow you not only to buy the product but also change the product in any manner you see fit. There’s more: you can change or alter the product even if it’s just the title or first and second paragraphs of the e-book, and then put your name as the author.

Let’s be careful with PLRs: they do not automatically confer copyright. Copyright is a sticky issue and when you purchase private label rights to a product, be sure you read the fine print and the words in between the lines. Better yet, consult your lawyer. Also, obtaining PLR does not mean you automatically inherit reprinting or re-selling rights.

There’s nothing to fear. PLR can be a lucrative undertaking because of its weight in gold, so proceed enthusiastically, but question anything that is not clear to you. The best thing really is to purchase unrestricted PLR which does not impose any restriction on the product and gives you carte blanche as though you originally owned it.

Give Away Rights
These allow you to give the product away for free but you cannot resell the product or change/edit it. You’re giving it away for free to improve traffic to your site and boost sales.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve
There is no doubt in my mind that staying ahead of the curve is what will make or break the amount of profits a reseller will make. True, there are resellers out there who still make some nice income from selling the 'Old Stuff'.

If you are in the know about resale rights and what the latest products are then you know when to purchase, if you are not in the know then you could be parting with $40 - $50 or more for a product or package that everyone else has! My advice would be to do further research, difficult I know, but if you get a general feel that the product has not been knocking around for years you could be on to a winner.

A New Dawn For Resale Rights
Right now at this very moment resale rights are on a high, products with resell rights have evolved so much from the 2004 and 2005 (When we first started)  era. These days it's all about content and vast amounts of it inside the eBook, graphics have been taken to a level that make them literally jump off the salespage, the software titles are king and wipe the floor with those simple 'Meta Tag' creators from the stone age.

Private Label Rights are gigantic also, with more and more marketer's realizing the true power behind offering a product with PLR, instant fame, fortune and a never ending tide of traffic scrambling to download a product that they can call their own.

If the resale rights market interests you, nows your chance to tap into this industry and reap the benefits. Resale rights & Private Label Rights (PLR) are here to stay, just make sure that you stay ahead of the pack!

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